solution part dos

How much will each unit of your solution cost?

Each one of the solution almost cost like 10000-20000 dollars. It might sound very costly, however it is better than buying a brand new Hummer H3 which would cost more and will increase your gas bill and your maintenance cost and your down payment/ monthly bills.

How many units will be required to solve the problem?

There should be a lot of units that will be required to solve the problem. First of all we need a lot of non petroleum cars. Then we need factories or products in factories that produce less chemicals into the water. So it will not effect the echo system very much.

Who will produce the units?

I think all the car companies should make non-fueled cars and other factories should produce less chemicals and then the car companies and factories will produce the units.

How will you get the units to the places they need to be to do their work?

First I think we should bring this to the city or a town where there is a lo of pollution. Then after being introduced by new concept cars people will find the positive sides to the car and no negative sides to the car they will buy the new non-petroleum car.

How will you make sure that the units get where they are going and get installed or implemented properly?

Just like a showroom we will request all the car companies to make a new car that is purely electric or that purely runs on water. In this way we could stop more air pollution. Factories should purify the chemical wastes and then it should have a pH of 7 then they could dump the waste into water only if it is pH7.
How will you report to the people who give you money? How will you verify that you spent your money wisely?

We will tell them that all the money that they give us will be completely used for the new evolution of cars and the first developed cars will be given to the people who donated us the money for a reason. For the factories we would give the first 2 products of the factories who use produce smoke to the atmosphere and who use pH scale to measure the chemical with water before sending to the ocean or sea.
You should have a simple budget for the entire program from production of your unit to the report – how much will it cost overall?

The overall cost will be less than 5 million. We need 5 million dollars because if we do not have a good starting value our products that we make wont be enough for all the people in the world, and for the factories people will have to make these changes and will cost you more than what you imagine. So we wll need a cost of 5 million dollars


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