solution part uno

The problems around the world

There are many problems around the world and the only reason for the problem is that people are caring less about what would happen in the world in the future. They only care about what is happening to them. We should have a habit of conserving.

What is the problem?

The problem in the world is pollution in the air water.

What is the cause of the problem?

The problem is caused by the people using less fuel efficient cars which is bad for the air. The factories send their waste products into the air and liquids into the water. This will make the water contaminated.

How does it affect people?

In the air- People breathe the air and many people get asthma and other deadly diseases by breathing the polluted air.

In the water- People dump their waste in the rivers and oceans. The fish in the rivers and oceans get contaminated with the pollution and when people eats them the people get the same diseases as the the one that the fish had from the bad wastes people dump.

Which people does it affect?

People who does not care about their future. They buy cars that give you less fuel efficient ex(Hummer H3) and the fuel cost too much but are still buying. I think people should buy cars that run completely on electricity or hybrid cars. In the water people dump wastes and also the liquid chemicals from the factories come to ocean or a lake. Those should be decreased in our environment.

How long has this problem been around?

This problem had been around from the time when the factories began and when the cars began to be produced. But the environment was not effected as much as it is now.

Who created the problem?

All the people who use the non fuel efficient car and too much of non fuel efficient cars and the factories that produce a lot of toxic wastes into the water.

What solutions have been offered?

I think all the people should be educated about the future and make certain rules and regulations in making cars and producing waste products form the factories. In these methods we could offer some solutions to the pollution in the world.

Have other solutions helped or solved the problem other places?

We could stop making non- fuel efficient cars, and make hybrid and electric or the new invention; cars that run by pouring water.

Why do you want to solve this problem?

I want to stop this problem because pollution is one of the major problems in almost every single counties in the world. If someone don’t take a step to stop the pollution after a generation the earth will be underwater.


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