1) The mountains over southeastern Haiti and southwestern Dominican Republic are 8000+ feet in elevation, and are located very near to the coast. Thus, orographic enhancement of the already heavy tropical rainfall must be out of control…Meaning that catastrophic flash floods and mud slides will be inevitable. Here is a picture of the beautiful south-Haiti coastline, showing the proximity of the massive mountains to the sea.

2) A market vendor covers her face from garbage smoke in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

3) Haiti national team during Gold Cup at the Orange Bowl on January 26th.

4) A woman in Fort Dimanche laying out biscuits to dry, biscuits made of butter, salt, water and dirt.

5) the flag of Haiti.

6) This picture depicts the living conditions of many Haitians. Towns such as this one are assembled from rusted scrap metal and anything else people can find.

7) In this picture, Haitian children are seen collecting water, likely from a polluted source.

8) This picture shows school girls who are able to attend class thanks to a group of Canadian school children who raised money to help them through Yele Haiti.

9) Haitian people offer animals, food and drink to the spirits during the annual voodoo ceremony in Cap-Haitien North of Port-au-Prince.

10) Haitian people offer animals,food and drink to the voodoo spirits during the annual voodoo ceremony.

11) the spiritual state of Haiti’s people, and consequently, its economic and political states.

12) Toddlers of Hinche

13) Haitian people dance during annual carnival celebrations in Port-au-Prince.

14) This wonderful organization called Sonlight Ministries works in Haiti and runs a Christian school for the children.

15) the Haitian Consulate to New York.

16) how the Haiti people dance.

17) A bank (sells some kind of Lottery ticket) in Haiti.

18) Most building that are not shacks have walls around them.

19) A home like Raymond builds for the poorest of the poor. This house is similar but larger then the ones he builds.

21) A cemetery in Haiti.

The main issue in Haiti is that they are poverty stricken.


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